Your needs are our priority, so Bébé M was created to respond to your expectations in terms of infant nutrition. 

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our brand and products:

  • Why is there little information on Bébé M stage 1?
  • The powder has a different texture and color from other preparations, is this normal? 
  • What are your recommendations on the best way of preparing a feeding bottle?
  • Which water to choose for the preparation of Bébé M formulas
  • Are your preparations nutritionally suitable for my baby?
  • Is there palm oil in your products?
  • What liquid should I use to reconstitute the baby cereals?
  • Does the packaging contain any risks for my child?
  • What are the differences between Bébé M and other infant formulas?


Why is there little information on Bébé M stage 1?

An infant formula is defined as "a foodstuff intended for babies during the first months of their life, and which alone meets their nutritional requirements until the introduction of appropriate complementary food". In accordance with the 1981 WHO recommendations defined in the International Code of Breast-milk Substitutes, Bébé M advocates breastfeeding before any other alternative and has always been committed to promoting it as much as possible.

As breast milk is the ideal food for infants, the choice of breastfeeding should be made as a priority for both your child and your health. However, if breastfeeding is not possible, Bébé M’s infant formulas can be used during the first few months, alone or as part of a diversified diet. As with all infant formulas, it is necessary to seek the advice of independent medical, nutritional or pharmaceutical experts before consuming the product.

The powder has a different texture and color from other preparations, is this normal?

Bébé M is a new and totally innovative infant range on the infant nutrition market. Awarded the Gold Trophy for innovation at its launch, it is an organic plant-based solution, free from milk or soy, based on organic rice proteins. It is important to note that Bébé M organic & plant-based infant formulas may differ from other standardized infant milks. Given they are plant-based, organic, and cold manufactured without palm oil, Bébé M formulas may have a variable texture, color and special taste. They nonetheless maintain nutritional, allergenic or microbiological guarantees in accordance with the regulations in force.

Color and taste:

To meet regulatory requirements, organic rice protein hydrolysate can present color variations and give Bébé M infant formulas a beige to light beige color.

The addition of coconut oil and a cold process can lead to the formation of small white particles. They are normal and dissolve after reconstitution with hot water and strong shaking.

Like all formulas based on hydrolyzed proteins, their taste has a slight natural bitterness due to the hydrolysis of the protein. They remain excellent for digestion.

Texture and dilution:

The cold, free from palm oil process can result in a particular texture giving a "wet sand" appearance. It is recommended to pay special attention to the preparation instructions for better dilution.


A hot dilution at 40°C, as indicated on the label, is recommended for good solubility. It is recommended to add the powder, then the water. Vigorous shaking from right to left and then from top to bottom will also facilitate dilution and avoid blocking the teat.

Giving the feeding bottle:

At 37°C (body and breast milk temperature), giving the feeding bottle will be made easier by adapting a 3-speed teat.

What are your recommendations for preparing a feeding bottle?

To make bottle preparation easier, preferably add the powder first, then the water. Shake well from right to left, then from top to bottom to avoid blocking the teat. Dissolve with water at 40°C for better solubility and dispersion. The bottle is given at 37°C, at body and breastmilk temperature. Use of a 3-speed teat if possible.

Which water choose to prepare a Bébé M infant formula?

According to current regulation, infant formulas must be reconstituted with water or any other protein-free liquid suitable for infants. We advise using water with a very low mineral content (which you can find in specialized shops) in order to hydrate the child and avoid overloading its still immature kidneys.

Are your preparations nutritionally suitable for my baby?

Bébé M's infant range meets the needs of babies from birth to 3 years in accordance with Regulations (EU) 2006/141 and 2006/125 as well as the French national decrees in reference: decree of 11 April 2008 and decree of 1 July 1976. The nutritional contributions are ensured in accordance with the regulations, with the addition of natural nutrients.

Bébé M formulas are enriched with natural nutritional supplements. Marine algae (Lithothamnium calcareum, Spirulina platensis) or acerola provide an appropriate response for babies. Designed in collaboration with infant nutrition professionals, the Bébé M range allows you to choose alternatives that meet babies’ needs for a daily usage.

Is there palm oil in your products?

We have chosen not to use palm oil or other refined oils that can generate trans fatty acids. We rather use plant-based oils like almond, colza or coconut. These oils help absorb fat-soluble vitamins and provide sufficient fatty acids for a balanced diet.

Our manufacturing process includes a cold treatment for a better respect of the nutrients. It is totally innovative in the field of instant powders and protects the integrity of fatty acids. It becomes possible to add quality oils, WITHOUT the usage of palm oil, unlike other current technological processes. To avoid nutritional denaturation, the cold process may give the powder a different appearance from other infant formulas. These variations or possible inconveniences are without prejudice to the nutritional, allergenic or microbiological guarantees.

What liquid should I use to reconstitute the baby cereals?

According to the EU regulation 2006/125 and the relevant French national decree of 1 July 1976, baby cereal preparations must be reconstituted only with breast milk or follow-on formula, or other nutritional liquids suitable for feeding infants or young children.

Does the packaging contain any risks for my child?

our packaging is made of metal with internal food varnish, in specific cans that comply with the standards for infant foods. Cereal formulas are in recyclable composite boxes, with a double layer of cardboard that also meets standards.

What is the difference between Bébé M and other infant formulas?

Based on the latest studies in infant nutrition, Bébé M infant formulas are made from organic rice protein hydrolysate. This organic plant-based hydrolysate has been specially developed by Bébé M to meet the regulatory requirements for infant proteins. Bébé M's formulations are unique, guaranteed milk-free and gluten-free. They are nutritionally complete and all the ingredients respect babies’ physiology as closely as possible.

Particular attention is paid to the manufacturing process and the choice of raw materials:

No palm oil, only high-quality oils from 1st cold pressing (Almond-Coconut-Colza);

A cold process to respect heat-sensitive nutrients and avoid any overdose of nutrients;

Gluten-free cereals, such as buckwheat and millet, which are more nutritive than the classic rice and corn;

No chemical flavors, colorings, added sugars or salt to meet the specific needs of babies;

Concentrated dehydrated fruits and vegetables;

Natural supplements for their vitamin and mineral content;

Lactic ferments for the digestive comfort of babies.

Bébé M is in the Vidal database (a leading European healthcare information database) and the infant cereals are licensed by AFDIAG (French Association of Gluten Intolerants).

Because the first few months of life are crucial, we are committed to providing targeted solutions for all babies in a natural and organic manner.

If you cannot find an answer to your question or if you would like more information, please reach us at info@bebe-m.com. We will be happy to answer as soon as possible!

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